Monday, April 6, 2015

Vacation-Myrtle Beach

So I spent one day of my spring break trip in Myrtle Beach! It was so beautiful there. I was in love with the weather,it was warm compared to my home town back in Jersey.

That night we went to Jimmy Buffets Margritaville. It was absolutely amazing. It was the best gluten free and allergen free restaurant experience I have ever had! The servers were all so sweet and filled with knowledge! They have a pretty good amout of gluten free and fish/shellfish free food options! We decided to get the nachos for an appetizer(I've never been able to have an appetizer since being gluten free.) 

I had the grilled chicken sandwich with French fries! They had a dedicated fryer,which was a crazy thing to wrap my mind around. The roll was great,tasted very fresh! If you wanted it they even had desert(WOW!)

The next morning at my hotel they had a complementary breakfast. Which that even had safe options although I had my own oatmeal packets. Which was awesome to see.

This is the gluten free menu-

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