Monday, August 24, 2015

Teen Dating and Food Allergies

Oh dear,what a mix. Teen dating is already stressful and hard as it is now add celiac,food allergies,or other medical problems(or all of the above.) Dating if you think about it is scary,especially as a teen with food allergies. I mean you have to trust this person with not only your heart but now your life. But don't let it hold you back! It is possible I promise.

My Tips on Dating-

  1. BE UPFRONT!! I cannot stress this enough,Tell your date before you even go out. I understand you may have a fear that your date might be ''scared away'' when you tell them,but your health is more important. If your date doesn't want to understand your medical problems then they don't deserve to go out with you.
  2. Suggest the restaurant,pick somewhere you know is safe. 
  3. Carry your epi pen/medication in case of an emergency.Explain to your date where you keep these and how to use them. Also, tell them what to do in case of an emergency. 
Don't forget to have fun!

Dates don't have to be dinner,you can think outside of the box. Go to a concert(this is probably my favorite!),play,sporting event,or museum.

I understand the one question on your mind,What's the guide to kissing? First kisses are nerve racking to everyone let alone some one with food allergies. The guide I have heard and used is to wait 4 hours after the other persons last meal with your allergen and to have them brush their teeth.

A tip for the gluten free guys out there,also be careful of your girls makeup. Some brands contain gluten!