Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where have I been!

   Sadly no I was not on the moon(I know bummer.) I have spent the last few months at doctors, emergency rooms, and at school.It wasn't for celiac(or food allergies.) Which could be taken as a good or bad thing.

  Back in October(29th to be exact) I fell down twenty something concrete stairs. I don't remember much about it to be honest. I hit my head between 3-5 times and slid down on my back. It has been a roller coaster of scary moments and pain.

  I had to take a break to collect my thoughts and figure out how to move on.Wail I am not recovered and now am comming to the realization that I will never be the same. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot just stop doing the things that I love(aka blogging.) I have to learn to live with the constant pain that I am in.  

  Okay this is now when it gets cheesey. One of my favorite quotes now that I firmly believe in is " Without pain,we couldn't know joy." Take that quote as you can apply to anything. With the pain comes the joy(I think I haven't came to any conclusions yet!)

  I am learning to live with any obstacle life throws at me. Including a concussion (now post concussion syndrome) and a back injury(now will more than likely be chronic pain.)

Thank you for being patient with me for not posting. I am going to try to be more constent.

What kind of post do you what to see on here?