Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nine Things Everyone Should Know

Hear are nine things everyone should know about people with allergies or celiac.

1) We are just like you!
Even if we can't eat a slice of bread or fish,doesn't mean we are subhuman or not as good as you! 

2) We can't help it!-
We don't have control over what we can't and can't have. So stop giving us a hard time. 

3) We have working eyes and ears!-
Yes we see your looks in the store when we buy a gluten free product or allergen free one. We hear your comments and snickering. We don't like it, get over yourself(and see number 2.)

4) We have lives!-
Yep we can go to parties,movie,and date others. We don't live under rocks! 

5) The AF/GF community is not a cult or gang!-
This is self explanatory! :D

6) We can be anything we want to be!-
 Hard to believe right, we can be teachers,moms and dads,kids,doctors,chefs, anything!

7) It's not a FAD!-
OMG! The people that think need education!

8) Look out for us!- 
Nothing is more sweet than a friend looking out for another! It makes our day(most of the time.)

9) We don't hate you!-
We only dislike you when you mess with us directly or our AF/GF family! So don't mess with the "gang." 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Great Breakfast Ideas and Tips

Well is summer for most people( I still have seven days of school.)On that note congrats to all the grads! I can't believe that I'm graduating from middle school in a few days!

With summer starting a lot of teens and kids go to camp,or have summer sports(or lay on the couch, not a bad plan! I would if I could.) With summer activities many are more active and in the hot sun, so breakfast can make or break your day. 

This summer I will have really early band practice.We practice in the hot summer heat. Marching band is a very strenuous sport believe it or not. On average we burn more calories in our shows than football players in a game. So therefore a great breakfast is the key to success!(FYI,look you probably learned something before you even got half way through.)

Just a few reminders-
-DO NOT EAT/DRINK MILK PROUDUCTS(it will make you sick with the heat!!!)
-Don't drink sugary or carbonated drinks with breakfast
-Eat some protien and carbs(Energy peoples!)

Some ideas-
-Gluten free pancakes(made the night before) with a little PB or nut butter(I love Justin's Almond butter) and a piece of fruit.
-Eggs with spinach and tomatoes,and a piece of fruit.
It doesn't even have to be breakfast food!

-Brown rice,veggies,and some chicken breast! Add a piece of fruit and you set.

Who says you can't have healthy leftovers from the night before,right!

 Comment below some of your own ideas!