Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gluten Free Travels

So for spring break this year I am traveling,like what most people do. I've traveled on different trips in the past(small weekend trips,retreats,and conferences for different things.) One thing I haven't done as a celiac and person with food allergies is go on vacation!

So for the next nine days I will be traveling to Myrtle beach(currently writing this on the plane!),a small town South Carolina,and Disney World!!!! 

So when it comes to me traveling I ️always have to bring certain things with me. I know I will need them,because some things I cannot depend that where I'm going will have or it is easier to bring them instead of buying them at my destination. I have one rule that these things must obey: they must travel well!
These items include:
Protein bars- I'm taking a few in my carry on bag for this trip( my favorites are the Luna bars and kind bars!)
Oatmeal packets- they are an easy meal on the go that travel extremely well! Plus they take up almost no space.
Nuts- another great snack(just double check that you are not on a nut free flight so you don't endanger anyone!)

Another must is to take your medication with you! If you are flying please take you them with you on the plane. You never know what might happen! With me in my carry on/purse for this trip are all my medications(especially Benadryl!) If you are traveling with other people it is helpful for those people to know where you keep your medicines,in case of an emergency! 

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