Monday, August 24, 2015

Teen Dating and Food Allergies

Oh dear,what a mix. Teen dating is already stressful and hard as it is now add celiac,food allergies,or other medical problems(or all of the above.) Dating if you think about it is scary,especially as a teen with food allergies. I mean you have to trust this person with not only your heart but now your life. But don't let it hold you back! It is possible I promise.

My Tips on Dating-

  1. BE UPFRONT!! I cannot stress this enough,Tell your date before you even go out. I understand you may have a fear that your date might be ''scared away'' when you tell them,but your health is more important. If your date doesn't want to understand your medical problems then they don't deserve to go out with you.
  2. Suggest the restaurant,pick somewhere you know is safe. 
  3. Carry your epi pen/medication in case of an emergency.Explain to your date where you keep these and how to use them. Also, tell them what to do in case of an emergency. 
Don't forget to have fun!

Dates don't have to be dinner,you can think outside of the box. Go to a concert(this is probably my favorite!),play,sporting event,or museum.

I understand the one question on your mind,What's the guide to kissing? First kisses are nerve racking to everyone let alone some one with food allergies. The guide I have heard and used is to wait 4 hours after the other persons last meal with your allergen and to have them brush their teeth.

A tip for the gluten free guys out there,also be careful of your girls makeup. Some brands contain gluten!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Gluten Free Travels- Disney World

The most magical place in the word,is also extremely food allergy friendly. Hearing the word Disney makes everyone excited,am i right? When most people think of Disney World they think of the castle,the characters,and of course the food.

As someone with food allergies and celiac,when I hear the word travel...I have learned to dread what is to follow. For me it is always hard to travel,but with planing it is doable. But most of the time when I do it is to a place with a time schedule and I pack all of my own food.

With my trip for spring break,however I knew I packing all my meals was not an option,since I would be flying. I did my research as any good celiac/person with food allergies does for everything and everything. And I found out Disney would be extremely easy to be safe at.

I was still a little nervous,because I was traveling for the first time with people who were not my family,or my church youth group. I was traveling with my (at the time) boyfriend's family. Which in and of its self would make any girl nervous.

My Experience-

My vacation to Disney was an amazing experience. All of the restaurants I visited had extremely knowledgeable staff about food allergy safety. It was awesome to feel normal at a restaurant. Disney made me feel at home and welcome,not like an alien or a burden.

Where I stayed-

I stayed at the Wilderness Loge cabins on the Disney property in Florida. It was beautiful and very homey.

At the cabins there is an amazing restaurant that is a must try,The Trail's End Restaurant.  It is barbecue buffet. I know the celiac in you panics,but they have an amazing chef, Chef Michael! Who will make you anything on the buffet fresh to ensure safety. He understands gluten free needs first hand,since his girlfriend is gluten free.

If you eat here you will be treated well.

Day 1-

For my first day in the parks I went to Epcot.

I had lunch at The Electric Umbrella  in  Future World. I had the gluten free chicken tenders and french fries. It was pretty good!

For dinner we ate at the Liberty Inn. I had the New York Strip Steak with broccoli and fries. The steak was so good,nice and tender. The broccoli was perfectly steamed as well.

Day 2-

My second day in the parks  was spent in Magic Kingdom.

We went back to the cabins for lunch. And for dinner we ate at the restaurant located at the cabins,Trail's End.

Day 3-

 My third day i  the parks was spent in Hollywood Studios.

We ate lunch and dinner at our cabin.

I also on day three when to Downtown Disney,which has a gluten free,and vegan bakery,Babycakes NYC. The bakery was hard to find,but totally worth it.

Over All-

My vacation to Disney was amazing. I cannot wait to go again someday! I miss those Mickey shaped ice cream bars,which are gluten free by the way!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Vacation-Myrtle Beach

So I spent one day of my spring break trip in Myrtle Beach! It was so beautiful there. I was in love with the weather,it was warm compared to my home town back in Jersey.

That night we went to Jimmy Buffets Margritaville. It was absolutely amazing. It was the best gluten free and allergen free restaurant experience I have ever had! The servers were all so sweet and filled with knowledge! They have a pretty good amout of gluten free and fish/shellfish free food options! We decided to get the nachos for an appetizer(I've never been able to have an appetizer since being gluten free.) 

I had the grilled chicken sandwich with French fries! They had a dedicated fryer,which was a crazy thing to wrap my mind around. The roll was great,tasted very fresh! If you wanted it they even had desert(WOW!)

The next morning at my hotel they had a complementary breakfast. Which that even had safe options although I had my own oatmeal packets. Which was awesome to see.

This is the gluten free menu-

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gluten Free Travels

So for spring break this year I am traveling,like what most people do. I've traveled on different trips in the past(small weekend trips,retreats,and conferences for different things.) One thing I haven't done as a celiac and person with food allergies is go on vacation!

So for the next nine days I will be traveling to Myrtle beach(currently writing this on the plane!),a small town South Carolina,and Disney World!!!! 

So when it comes to me traveling I ️always have to bring certain things with me. I know I will need them,because some things I cannot depend that where I'm going will have or it is easier to bring them instead of buying them at my destination. I have one rule that these things must obey: they must travel well!
These items include:
Protein bars- I'm taking a few in my carry on bag for this trip( my favorites are the Luna bars and kind bars!)
Oatmeal packets- they are an easy meal on the go that travel extremely well! Plus they take up almost no space.
Nuts- another great snack(just double check that you are not on a nut free flight so you don't endanger anyone!)

Another must is to take your medication with you! If you are flying please take you them with you on the plane. You never know what might happen! With me in my carry on/purse for this trip are all my medications(especially Benadryl!) If you are traveling with other people it is helpful for those people to know where you keep your medicines,in case of an emergency!