Monday, October 28, 2013

Lunch Box Monday-Cool Snacks

   So as you know very well gluten free products can be expensive and some taste like the bottom of a shoe,yes shoe!After trying out what seems to be far to many cookies and pretzels, I came to a great list of kid approved snacks(I tested them on willing friends and little cousins.)

Top Ten Snacks-

  1. Lucy's Cookies(vegan,gluten free,nut free,gmo free,and all natural)
  2. Organ Kids Mini Outback Animals(nut free,soy free,gluten free,wheat free,dairy free,egg free,yeast free,vegan)
  3. Surf Sweets(organic,natural,gluten free,top 10 free)
  4. Yummy Earth(organic,gluten free,top 8 free)
  5. Glutino pretzels(gluten free)
  6. Skinny Popcorn(top 8 free,gluten free)
  7. Popchips(gluten free)
  8. Rice Cakes(mostly top 8 free and gluten free but check)
  9. Udi's Bars(gluten free,dairy free)
  10. Crunchmaster Crackers(gluten free)

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