Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Must Haves in the Kitchen for on the Go!

This summer has been crazy! I've barely been home or had any free time.I went on my first servant trip for a little less than a week(next blog post will be on how I survived.) The rest of my time has been spent at my high school! I know what everyone is thinking! You,a teenager, spent your summer at school? I'm crazy!

I have had a summer filled with a very physically demanding sport.....drumline. I spend more then 12 hours a week at rehearsals,let alone working out at the gym,and practicing at my house. 

In any sport what is something you have to do? Fuel your body! For those with allergies or celiac it can be easy,or hard.You have to pick which you want. 

Over these long weeks I have developed a system of what I need to keep in the house and especially what to stay far from!

Thing I always have in my fridge-
•Chicken breasts (baked over the weekend)
•Turkey Bacon(already cooked. I use Applegate Farms. They are all natural,gluten free,and no bad stuff!)
•Brown Rice 
•Kale(sautéed with onion and spices!)
•Fruit(tangerines are awesome!)
•Broccli/other veggies
Ok,I know it is bad for you. I try to eat healthy and natural as possible. It's the one thing I need! I try to limit my food dye intake,since in larger amounts have caused me to have migraines. We all have those few things we know arnt good for you,yet we still them enjoy,this is one of mine!(I do enjoy gluten free fruit candy.)Everything is good in moderation!

Thing I always have in my pantry-
•Nutella(trust me on this! A tablespoon with a plum after giving 150% on the field for over 4 hours and running 3/4 of a mile is heaven!)
•Natural PB/Sunbutter(for PB I love Justin's brand!)
•Multi grain/seed crackers(Vans gluten free crackers are my thing!)
•Tasty brand organic wild berry fruit snacks(no corn syrup,allergen free/gluten free,and all natural!)
•Kind bars(I love all flavors)
•Brown rice pasta 
Things you can avoid(are know to cause probs for athletes or have tried and not had a success full practice)-

•Dairy- known to cause stomach problems in heat!(please! I am warning you!)
•Eggs-upset stomach
•Greasy food-self explanatory
•Your allergen-come on people! Must I say this!

Take what you will from this,I can't control your life. This is what works for me:)

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