Monday, June 16, 2014

Great Breakfast Ideas and Tips

Well is summer for most people( I still have seven days of school.)On that note congrats to all the grads! I can't believe that I'm graduating from middle school in a few days!

With summer starting a lot of teens and kids go to camp,or have summer sports(or lay on the couch, not a bad plan! I would if I could.) With summer activities many are more active and in the hot sun, so breakfast can make or break your day. 

This summer I will have really early band practice.We practice in the hot summer heat. Marching band is a very strenuous sport believe it or not. On average we burn more calories in our shows than football players in a game. So therefore a great breakfast is the key to success!(FYI,look you probably learned something before you even got half way through.)

Just a few reminders-
-DO NOT EAT/DRINK MILK PROUDUCTS(it will make you sick with the heat!!!)
-Don't drink sugary or carbonated drinks with breakfast
-Eat some protien and carbs(Energy peoples!)

Some ideas-
-Gluten free pancakes(made the night before) with a little PB or nut butter(I love Justin's Almond butter) and a piece of fruit.
-Eggs with spinach and tomatoes,and a piece of fruit.
It doesn't even have to be breakfast food!

-Brown rice,veggies,and some chicken breast! Add a piece of fruit and you set.

Who says you can't have healthy leftovers from the night before,right!

 Comment below some of your own ideas!

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